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Social Media Marketing That Attracts

Social media for business has become an increasingly popular method of marketing and lead generation for companies over the last 5 years. With new platforms appearing and allowing users to upload their stories, projects and short videos, the opportunity to promote a brand has never been better.

As a Kent Media company, we offer solutions for business owners to help them create and manage their social media platforms, so they don’t chances to convert more users into clients through a completely in house managed service. We’ve all the experience you require to get your brand interacted with online from graphic designing, copywriting, hype research to professional photography!


Social Media Management

Our fully managed social media service offers you the freedom to spend your precious time doing all the other 1001 things you need to be focusing on for your business whilst ensuring that your social media presence is done properly and effectively. With monthly performance reports you’ll still have all the opportunity to be involved without the stress of being alone to do it.

All Social Media platforms accepted

Our social media marketing services are fully comprehensive, and we operate on all the leading platforms including Facebook, Instagram & Twitter. Each platform has different operation methods and each will have its own unique set of parameters to work within and achievable goals.

Optimised Social Media Marketing

We don’t simply create the content and release it for the world to see – We take the time to research what kind of content, buzzwords and hype generation methods are currently being used to do it before. It’s our careful consideration and analytical approach that brings the strong results our clients can expect from our managed social media marketing campaigns.

Targeted Social Media Marketing

Through our detailed research process and the insights we are privy to, the content that we roll out isn’t always designed for the many but for the few that are important to your business: The clients, geographically and demographically placed to be your future sale.


Social Media That Works

Our dedicated account managers work tirelessly to ensure that your campaign on social media platforms is working well and that your getting back the most out of them. A dedicated team member will regularly research, create, post and analyse the performance of your social media campaign to ensure that it’s working. If something falls a little out of line for whatever reason IE: Low engagement rate, lack of follow through etc… then a realignment will take place. Our clients are informed and knowledgeable on our operations without having to push a single click – It’s what makes our managed social media accounts so popular!


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