PPC Marketing campaigns for businesses that want to grow their revenue

PPC marketing is an effective way to boost your visibility online similarly to SEO but, with the added feature of being able to place a very specific product, offer or page immediately in front of your target audience without the risk of them falling off your intended track. Our managed PPC campaigns combine results with analytics which will bring you the success and knowledge you require as a business.

“Think PPC is expensive and a waste? Prefer to only go organic? Think again. A successfully managed PPC campaign can be as effective as asking you if you would like a new full paying customer from as little as 0.10p – The answer to which would be a resounding YES!”


PPC Strategies That Work

LC MEDIA has managed and successfully navigated the pitfalls of PPC campaigns for a broad variety of different businesses with very specific needs, requirements, goals and limitations. Our service speaks for itself and although we recommend minimum running times to really benefit from the results and generate the necessary data to sharpen our campaign, we don’t believe in tying our clients down to long winded timeframes. That’s why we offer the flexibility of different campaign types such as “pay as you go PPC”.

Insight Marketing Strategies

All our campaigns begin with research and resistance testing before we create any campaign for our clients. We take careful time and consideration to ensure that we start with as optimal a budget and strategy that we can. On occasion, using the most popular keywords doesn’t yield good returns – Are the keywords applicable to American searches? Are the words overused and therefore the ads appearing during less relevant searches?

Seamless PPC Campaigns

All our campaigns are linked to themselves through the ADWords, google analytical and social media platforms so that we can centralise all the data seamlessly and allow our clients to credit immediately where their results are coming from.

Ads that captivate

Our ads come with careful designing and well thought consideration to capture the right audience. We make adverts that are attractive to look at and clients want to interact with!

Optimised PPC Management

Benefitting from a dedicated PPC Marketing team in Ashford Kent, we continually manage and optimise PPC campaigns to keep results improving and increasing the cost-efficiency of your PPC Marketing campaign. We believe that our clients should only spend their budgets on solutions that work!


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